I love this look that @Cassandra LaValle put together, inspired by a vintage Vogue image of Talitha Getty. Stunning.
1967. Vogue Italia. Talitha Getty in Paco Rabanne. Talitha (B1940-D1971) was married to John Paul Getty, Jr. until her death. Photo by Elisabetta Catalano (B1944)
Talitha Getty style
Talitha Getty photographed by David Bailey in Morocco.
Talitha Getty. I want that dress!
Sharon Tate, 1966, by Orlando Suero
talitha getty
Talitha Getty, Vogue January 1970.
Talitha Getty                                                       …
Talitha Getty - strong mascara on the bottom and white eye liner/shadow on the top
A Dandy In Aspic: Talitha Getty - Icon of 1960's Hippie/Bohemian Style
Talitha Getty: Photo by Elisabetta Catalano 1968
style icon // Birds of Ohio: pleased to meet you, talitha getty
Vogue 1968 Samantha Jones