Sweet kiss

Albus and scorpios kissing in the potters warehouse when scorpios came in the summer vacation. -taken by James Sirius Potter that found out about his brothers relationship like that, a secend before they notice

| s h e • w i l l • b e • l o v e d |

Çift Avatarları - Sevgili Avatarları - Sayfa 13 - Forum Keyfine Keyif Katan Adres One day, I will kiss my love on this position ^^

Angel eyes, I'm so sorry. I'm hearing you. I'll give you what you're asking for. It's scary. It feels like I'm losing you. You say I'm not. I believe you. That gives me strength. I hear you love. I'll do like you ask. I am still loving you. I'm right here. For you.

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Adorable Art Prints Sealed With a Kiss

Adorable Art Prints Sealed With a Kiss

I need a makeout session so intense that I forget all of my problems and possibly my name too.

Not really a make out session.maybe just some sweet kisses and a really long hug.