Great easy easter craft. Yarn or thin twine in a glue water wrapped around small or larger balloons

DIY Roundup: 5 Fun and Creative Easter Crafts

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همیشه فکر کن تو یه دنیای شیشه ای زندگی می کنی ، پس سعی کن به طرف کسی سنگ پرتاب نکنی ، چون اولین چیزی که می شکنه دنیای خودته

Rodnie Bryant – A Testimony lyrics

Lafayette Hamilton

Ze Lancelot of ze revolutionary set I came from afar just to say bonsoir to the king casse toi who is the best cest moi - Hamilton

••• INSPIRATION ONLY ••• 2 Piece Black Lace Crochet Belted Long Coat with Pants Twinset | Chicme for $59.00USD in one post and $27.00USD in another titled, Jacquard Black Bandage Cape Sweater with Tie Plus Pants | Regardless, their site is in Asian Standard Measurements (translation:You can buy it, but forget about getting into it unless you are literally a size 0,00,1,2,3  and maybe a 4, but only if you have an A cup! {IMHO}| ** INSPIRATION ONLY 2 figure out HOW it is made…

2PCS Black Lace Crochet Belted Long Coat With Pants Twinset

Straight Size to Plus Size – Over-the-Knee Boots Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

Straight Size to Plus Size – Over-the-Knee Boots Outfit

Retro Christmas $12.75

I like the falalalala but I'd do it differently. Perhaps in wood or even a chalkboard swag effect.

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Yoongi I too like the leather look but please. Put aside your big cars and big rings and consider the Cows that suffered for your jacket!