It's actually a verb. Seeing as how an adjective describes a noun. . .

When the laws of grammar weren’t enough to get in the way of a meaningful text post. 21 Of The Most Facepalm Things That Ever Happened

Verbs Verbs Verbs! First, search for verbs in magazines.  Then, have students add sheet to writing notebook and use in their own writing.

Verbs Verbs Verbs!

Word Work activities: She make a verb collage, but you could also make one with nouns, adjectives etc. Have students all bring in examples of each part of speech, then collage them to make separate classroom posters;

Free download poster.  Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why.  Such an important tool for writers workshop.

Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why

an 8 x 11 sized "poster" created to help my second grade students to remember to write better sentences. It helps them to remember to include details in their sentences and try to paint a picture with words, including verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.

ASL Sign Language Vocabulary for Thanksgiving (as well as links to signing sites/resources such as Signing Savvy)

"To Be" Verbs: List of Strong Action Verbs and Eliminating 'To Be' Verbs in Students Vocaulary and Writing

Read non-fiction story about turtles and chart all the valuable turtle verbs. Students make their own verb turtles.

Content Literacy possibility: Turtle verbs listed after reading a Weekly Reader newspaper about turtles. Kids use these verbs to write sentences about turtles.

Finally - an appropriate Dr. Seuss activity for the older grades!

Finally - an appropriate Dr. Seuss activity for the older grades! - use with sentence types

Kids could create description of adjectives in puppet pals- Grammar with Grog the Zombie: Adjectives

Grammar with Grog the Zombie: Adjectives. You could show this to students and then ask them to create their own video tutorials about grammar.

Tips On Decorating A Master Bedroom

Decorating A Master Bedroom

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Briar Rose, Disney's Sleeping Beauty Costume. $250.00, via Etsy.    though, this should be pretty easy to make on my own..

Briar Rose Disney's Sleeping Beauty Costume by kurzeshaar Not a bad idea for a possible first trip to Otakon.

Help your kids write super detailed sentences!Use the frames provided to help your students write detailed sentences and teach them about adjectives, nouns, and verbs at the same time!Using a snake, cow, and pig I have provided 3 examples of how to use this product.If you are writing whole group, use a blank frame and encourage your students to come up with the who, what, where, when or why on their own.

Writing Super Detailed Sentences (Common Core)

How well do you know your educational theory? Constructivism is behind so much of the hands-on discovery learning we do in the classroom today. Take 2 minutes and learn more about it.

Know Your Terms: Constructivism

Know Your Terms: Constructivism - Constructivism provides students with rich experiences and encourages them to reach their own conclusions.