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Castiel- Trenchcoat, Dean- Leather Jacket, Sam- Flannels (Sorry to whoever wrote the last description I had to fix it)

Supernatural Tumblr Posts, I think the last one has to be my favourite, I totally read it in his voice too.

Idk why but "training for the ballet, Winchester?" Sounds like something Draco Malfoy would say before they kill him.

spn, supernatural, tumblr, tumblrpost it would still be worth it though. Have them crying while holding the camera not wanting us to die

I need this episode to happen soo much! Perhaps *we* are a love interest for one of the boys? OMG imagine them making out with a camera 😂😂 honestly just going on a hunt would be awesome.

Sabriel - Sam & Gabriel - Supernatural tumblr chat post

ASDFGHJKL SABRIEL<<Still think the baby/daddy nickname is really skeevy, but this is funny and totally something he'd do.

dean, funny, sam, spn, supernatural, tumblr, winchester

dean, funny, sam, spn, supernatural, tumblr, winchester