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I took off early today and see what I’m doing, writing a blog about Super Heroes, ugh, slow day huh? Before we get started, let me point out that YES, I DO know that Super Girl is the cousin of…

Who Would Win, Superman or Supergirl

Se trata de una imagen convencional porque no tiene nada que ver con la realidad.

Póster logo Superman, clásico

Algo con lo q me identifico totalmente q dibujo tan bestial

Superman earth 2 brutaal - I LOVE this look with the black and the circuit-like glowing inlays - DC Comics Más

The suit is not the style I like so much as it is the hero's style portrayed by Christopher Reeves.

Of COURSE Christopher Reeve had a secret, split-second Man of Steel Cameo

#ACTIONCOMICS #999 variant by Kaare Andrews. #Superman

#ACTIONCOMICS #999 variant by Kaare Andrews. #Superman