Clock Hourglass Sundial Time:  Sundial, St. Michael's Mount, by Victor Keech, via Flickr.

A working shadow.Sundial, St Michael's Mount Castle, Marazion, Cornwall, England by Victor Keech

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Rust never sleeps and it waits for no one …. rusty sundial — Rust-oleum has a new product called Rust Reformer that works wonders.

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love- want a sun dial soooo bad

Whitehall Sun And Moon Sundial

Portable 16th Century Replica Working Sundial with Compass / Handmade Sunwatch / Bee and Honey Design / Walnut Wood

Portable Century Replica Working Sundial with Compass / Handmade Sun watch / Walnut Wood & Gift Box

Sun Clock for the backyard                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Awesome sun-dial in Brazil But a different material like polystyrene

Equinoctial dial - National Maritime Museum

item from Greenwich Maritime Museum. A Chinese sundial which served as inspiration for some of my efforts.

Vertikaluhr aus Schiefer von David Harber

Vertical sundials: a hand crafted wall sundial in enamel, slate, stone or lead adds a touch of magic to your home or garden

On the Creative Market Blog - Artist Uses Typography and Shadows to Create Stunning Sundial Mural

Alcohol Inks on Yupo