Steampunk Pencil by sallyt

Pencil drawing because I like cogs and pretty hair (deep, yes!), and hadn't done a full pencil piece in a while Steampunk Pencil

steampunk_clockwork_raven_wip_by_ephygenia-d66r63u.jpg 800×1239 pixels

My clockwork raven before the postproduction with photoshop ^__^ here [link] you can find the digital postproduction technique: ink and pencil on paper Steampunk Clockwork Raven WIP

Line work, Steampunk & feather - seriously, what's not to love here?  Awesome tat material.

Zentangle and Steampunk and Feathers and Drawing! So many great things! Arrow's drawinf for tattoo idea

steampunktendencies:  Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors Facebook |  Google + | Twitter Steampunk Tendencies Official Group

Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors "I have decided to model Malachi's eye after this one. The details will change, of course, but this will be the final outcome of his cybernetic eye.