*SquirrelLeap meowed* Patrol! I want RabbitWind to lead a patrol with WhiteStrike, TawnyShade, and IceFire.

I want RabbitWind to lead a patrol with WhiteStrike, TawnyShade, and IceFire.

Red Squirrel-Sciurus vulgaris

We have Red Squirrel-Sciurus vulgaris. This pint sized little fellow is very obnoxious, aggressive and high destructive. They are a real pain in ass if you have them in your yard. Try to get rid of them - impossible.

Red Squirrel On A Branch By Duncan Shaw << Today's dose of squirrel cuteness! #waitingforRedsandGrays

Red Squirrel On A Branch Art Print by Duncan Shaw

'Red Squirrel On A Branch' ~Duncan Shaw. Red Squirrels, an endangered species, are our native squirrel here in The British Isles.When a group of American Grey Squirrels were brought here, they took over & nearly wiped out our beloved, tufted-eared red spe

There are lots of squirrel like mammals like the ground hog, gopher as well as prairie dog. When it comes to foods, what do squirrel love to eat?

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

Beautiful photo of a curious Red Squirrel                                                                                                                                                     More

Beautiful photo of a Red Squirrel.we have had red squirrels all over the place this year.

Squirrel: Me and the missus just got the little ones to sleep. Would you lot mind holding it down a bit so as to not wake up the tired tikes? Appreciate it and all that.

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The Force - At the British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield, Surrey.

The Force - Pinned by Mak Khalaf At the British Wildlife Centre Lingfield Surrey. Animals wildlife centreanimalenglandmammalpeter trimmingred squirrelsciurus vulgarissquirrelstandingthe forceukwildlife by PeterGTrimming

This animal could climb fruit-bearing trees and eat the harvest from various kinds of fruiting tress such us grapes, apples, pears, kiwi, peaches, avocados, figs, mangoes, plums, as well as citrus.

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?