very cool ink ~ Pietro Romano I'm getting something like this done on me next! (:

splash very cool ink ~ Pietro Romano I want this similar except a garter tattoo with a picture on the back or side of my thigh

splatter tattoos - Google Search

Abstract/paint splatter tattoo by Roger Williams at Artisan Ink in Farmington Missouri

cool splatter technique - don't need blood in my life but think about the same technique representing paint spills and a messy process of creating the tattoo... perhaps with some lines representing sketches as well... I like the idea of the transparency of the process and the unfinished, evolving nature of the permanent nature/concept of the tattoo. A bit wabisabi even

Brushwork style tattoo by Jamie at Tattoo Temple, HK. Does seem like these are the guys to go to for unparallelled calligraphy style work.