Throwing up past mistakes in another's face accomplishes nothing except for showing deep-rooted bitterness & an unwillingness to move forward. Some people thrive on trying to humble others by making them "pay" for their mistakes; but thank God for those who realize that they are also imperfect & who are pulling for & cheering on each other's successes.

20 New Inspirational Quotes You too know how hard it can be to change, don’t you? Grow and see what strength you can find in the experience. What are you telling yourself each day? Is it good? You probably don’t remember to do this much.

I have said this so many times. Sometimes I think of all the horrible choices she made against us and I say "wow" to them all.

I actually get embarrassed for some people because they look so pathetic! I mean how can someone not cate enough about their child, the picture I just seen just got me in shock, some people shouldn't be able to have kids, smh,

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Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are shitty humans and stop trying to see the good that isn't there. - It's takes a lot for me to believe someone is a shitty human being, but once I do, I'm done.

Some people are magic and others are just the illusion of it

Some people are magic, and others are just the illusion of it. - Beau Taplin - The turn and the trick.

Some people aren't really all that they "post" to be.

Some people aren't really all that they "post" to be.

"Practice what you post" It is really simple. Some should stop hiding behind a screen thinking it is okay to post and type what cannot be confronted in REALITY of sound mind and thoughts! Want more business from social media?

Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe - some people are still relying on their parent's canoe

I'm not white, I'm not black, I'm not gay,  and I won't stay in your fkn box! So listen up politicians, quit trying to separate us. Segregation ended long ago. So just stop it you partisan pigs!

Some people will only​ like you if you fit inside thier box. Don't be afraid to shove that box up thier ass.

Some+people+are+real.+Some+people+are+good.+Some+people+are+fake+and+some+people+are+real+good+at+being+fake. Picture Quotes.


Trying to understand some people. Or people trying to understand me!

Funny pictures about The Behavior Of Some People. Oh, and cool pics about The Behavior Of Some People. Also, The Behavior Of Some People photos.

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