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An artist's illustration of the black hole at the heart of a quasar in the distant universe. The biggest black hole known to exist lives in the nearby galaxy It's times bigger than the Milky Way's supermassive black hole.

Blanc sobre blau, els núvols, pel cel d’aquests matins, passen sense l’angúnia de cap ànima a dins.  Matins de març, on sembla que ...

Create a cloud and some raindrops! Recycling plastic caps into a classroom project- in this case, creating beautiful strings of 'raindrops' out of caps that normally end up in the trash.

//Lightning at sunset by Alan Montesanto #nature #photography #breathtaking near Urbino

earthlycreations: Lightning at Sunset by (Alan Montesanto) beautiful, I sure hope it is not a photoshopped picture though :)

Colors of the rainbow in my world. Photographer unknown.

There is nothing more important to me than the ocean Sunset Sunrise Nature Tropical Beach Water Waves Sky Landscape

Fotos de Sol y nubes en el Parc Güell (3)

Fotos de Sol y nubes en el Parc Güell (3)

A tattoo of a dove and a rose on the tricep and bicep. Style: Black and Gray. Color: Gray. Tags: Beautiful

Dove and Rose Tattoo Idea

Dove tattoo has become very popular among men and women. These tattoos are made of a dove or a dove with variety of words and symbols.

This is called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.

sci-universe: “ This Mexican fire opal looks like a sunset above the clouds when illuminated just right. Image credit: Jeff Schultz ” The magical properties of opals are well-known, and have been for.

Del otoño aprendí que aunque las hojas caigan, el arbol sigue de pie.

Del otoño aprendí que aunque las hojas caigan, el arbol sigue de pie.