Omg I was THAT girl but for vball. The coach legit yelled really loud when I was about to serve, "BE READY GIRLS THIS IS THE GOOD SERVER!"

Omg I was THAT girl but for soccer. The coach legit yelled really loud when I got the ball "guard the girl with blue socks!

She's Got Legs workout

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softball is never soft. if you think it is, than you don't know what softball is and you don't know what you are talking about.

SoftballWhen someone says you can't do it, turn around and say, watcn me.

i choose this picture/quote because i play softball and i feel like someone is always saying that i cant do it and i like to prove them wrong.

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Softball Problems- yep, that's what I bragged about getting to start the new school year or after Christmas break. School starting=the beginning of hs softball and/or softball workouts.

Personalized Baseball

Personalized Baseball

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