Giant Snorlax Bean Bag

Be a Pokémon master with your own Snorlax bed!

There+is+a+Totoro+Design+bed!+one+or+Double+Totoro+bed.Your+children+would+love+it. Giant+sleeping+bag,+dream+in+Totoro A+surprise+for+your+beloved/kids Half+stand+and+act+as+a+.

Pokemon Snorlax Bed

The Not-Afraid-of-the-Dark Knight Returns via Lazer_Guy Pikachu futon, the second-weirdest yellow bed on this list via Home Textile Factory . View Of The Geekiest Beds in Internet History" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Bed size cm(Snorlax Head Length) If want chracter bed, please contact me. If want more photo, contact me ****** This

Snorlax bed...

Pokemon Snorlax Bed

“Monster Bed This bed is DIY . Buy cotton from market, and filled out body and head. No sewing needed.

Pokemon Snorlax Bed

Rest your weary body like a true Pokemon master after you swap out your bed for the Snorlax bed.

Pokemon Snorlax Bed

Remember when we said Pocket Monster Snorlax made a wonderful pillow? Well, he makes an even better bed.