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Hey I'm Becky! I'm 20 years old! Im single and I love singing ,dancing , Disney! (Not vamp yet)

Camila Cabello

-Cuban mexican -blood is 🍌 -can’t ride a 2 wheeler bicycle -can rap most of drake views

Looking good: The beauty, who is expecting her third child via surrogate with husband Kanye West, has been following a strict training regime in a bid to hone her svelte physique and wasn't shy to display the results of her hard work

Booty-full Kim Kardashian transforms into the late Selena Quintanilla

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21 Mexicanos que harán de tu Snapchat un lugar mejor

21 Mexicanos que harán de tu Snapchat un lugar mejor

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i know there has been a lot of drama with this photo and i'd just like to say that what he did was wrong but you have to learn that he is a human being. you can't expect him to be 100% educated, and you can't expect him to be perfect. so please don't give him any crap for this. thank you.

Michael dressed all Mexican!