Cat Skull Mask - painted (top) - FOR SALE - by on @DeviantArt

A domestic cat skull mask modified to fit the human head. I had lots of fun making this and if you wait a little longer there will also be a bottom jaw . Cat Skull Mask - painted (top) - FOR SALE -

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

This Skull mask is cast with real bronze powder in the resin to achieve a true metallic luster. it is top coated with krylon matte finish to

Bone Warrior, Aged Bone Skull Mask/Demon Skull/ Horror Halloween, Costume, finished.

Handmade demon skull Halloween mask "Bone Warrior" created by Morgan Hughes Originally sculpted in Monster Clay medium, molded in smooth-ons mold star with a plastipaste jacket then cast in a high quality hard resin.

Human Skull Half Mask Blank Resin Skeleton by RedNebulaCosplay

Human Skull Half Mask Blank Resin Skeleton by RedNebulaCosplay (he makes a lot of skull and animal masks!

Skull Mask Blank

Paint the mask white and use black face paint would create a good skull effect for the mistress death cosplay

Ram Mask Ram Skull Mask Papercraft Halloween Party by Paperstatue

This ram mask is a good reference for the ram skull that will be included in the Siege wagon's design.

Feline Skull Mask by on @DeviantArt

Each mask starts as an original sculpture, from which a silicone mold is made. Castings of polyurethane plastic are pulled from the mold and hand painted. The masks have a rigid outer shell t.

Intimidation is a tactic worthy of consideration.  It can be very useful.

Typhon Camouflage Tactical Masks Outdoor Military Wargame Full Face Airsoft Tactical Skull Masks Drop Shipping WANT!

How to make a Dragon Skull mask/ head dress:

How to Make a Dragon Skull

I have to do a Dragon body paint next month and I wanted a nice interesting Headpiece.