Skate skate -Can I be this beautiful girl for my birthday? Please? I have been nice this year!

The pin convey's a female displayed with a skateboard and long oversized jumper and black beanie, she is quite stylish but appears reclusive.

WEBSTA @ dreaming_outloud - rip around Banff = CHECK✔️

Instagram Post by 🦋 H A I L E Y M A R I E (@dreaming_outloud)

Landing that ollie with that centre of balance. Impressive.

No matter how you slice it, girls are awesome. There have been girl hockey players, girl Nascar drivers, and believe it or not there are a lot of girls who are awesome at skateboarding.

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The Dream of the California Skater Girl Is Alive and Well

KickAss Longboard Skateboard

When people are having fun, living life and smiling it makes me smile and makes me feel so happy inside 😊 and I wanna live a life just like that also