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What a Wonderful Story : Wendi the Elephant Inspires “Christmas Fostering” at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust With Endearing “Adopt Me” Video

Elephant - Learn to Draw Animals

ELEPHANTHigh Risk One of the largest beasts of the animal kingdom, an African elephant has a thick trunk, big legs, long tusks, and giant ears! - Selection from Learn to Draw Animals [Book]

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In the world of graphic design, line art logos are not a new technique but a new concept for designers. They create a striking logo by just using straight or curved lines.

Animals drawn with a Single Line – Fubiz Media

Animals drawn with a Single Line

culturenlifestyle: “ One Stroke Animal Wonders By Design Studio Differantly German creative studio Differantly deals in graphic design with a penchant for OCD when it comes to line art, composition.