Simon Cowell Advice to his new son

Simon Cowell’s Words of Snark For His Incoming Kid on The Soup

O.      m.       g.                           that was him??  LOL

You like to post embarrassing photos of your friends and colleagues.

Simon Cowell Rushed to Hospital After Bad Fall

Simon Cowell Rushed to Hospital After Bad Fall

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American Idol judge Simon Cowell was momentarily lost for words when confronted with this childhood picture of himself sporting a sci-fi costume.

Story time! So earlier during the day my (before I went to church) young women leader sent us a song to listen to for New Beginnings and my mom played it on her iPad. Later on we got into the sacrament meeting and during sacrament my mom went to go find something on her iPad for my dad... Immediately when she turned it on it started playing the song really loud! It was hilarious! Trying not to laugh was hard!

25 Hilarious Mormon Memes!

Every day during church(sacrament)a baby cries really loud in the silence and then the parents get up and u see who it is. How embarrassing.