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A Special Prayer for You. Sending my warmest thoughts to you both! Keeping him in my thoughts and praying for a speedy recovery

Sending Prayers, and love to Dear Wendy❤  I pray you feel better soon, take care sweetness ❤✨✨❤XXX'S

Prayers [note to self - already sent to A. Others may need in future] God bless you too sweet Cheryl.

prayer for healing the sick

Several good Christian prayers for healing, including a short powerful prayer, prayers for healing of sick bodies & minds, & prayer for comfort in illness.

May the healing angel manifest for all., including myself and my heart, That is in need right now. Now You Can Learn To Use Your Natural Ability; To Channel Your Life-force Energy, Heal Your Family, Friends (and Yourself)... And Attain The Skills Of A Master Reiki Healer...

Healing Angel ~ All those who are drawn to this PLEASE send out healing energy for our sweet Jamie THANK YOU and bless you :)

Sending peace and love energy

Sending peace, love and positive healing energy❤hope and prayers ❤

~~~ What lovely friends I have on here who are so thoughtful in thinking of me in my time of loss Mom and Dad. I wish I could hug back to all of you! Blessings, Katherine xox  10th February 2014 ~~~      Prayer hugs

How to Improve Your Friendship?

When my arms can’t reach people who are close to my heart.I always hug them with my prayers. Love this, so sweet.