Sebastian Bach - OMFG! Sooo hot!         @Stl Cy Santana

Sebastian Bach & Skid Row is one of the best bands ever. Their music makes me feel so alive!

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my shit sebastian bach skid row 18 and life in celebration of my bday u no i'm old now makin things 4 myself cuz i appreciate me

Can Sebastian please stop looking so good? I can't handle this xD

Sebastian Bach - Skid Row: He joined the band when he was 19 and could sing better than just about any other vocalist on the scene. He also suffered from L. (Lead Singer Disease) which is defined by a huge ego, a loud mouth and a bad attitude.

Sebastian Bach, Skid Row.... wasn't even a big fan of Skid Row, but thought this guy was HOT!!!

Sebastian Bach of Skid of the most beautiful men ever, back then.