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Sea Floor Spreading Lecture, Sea Floor Spreading & Plate Tectonic Evidence, Sea Floor Spreading with Bill Nye, Seafloor Spreading Educational Children's Cartoon, Sea Floor Spreading

Sea Floor Spreading model using toilet paper rolls.

In this video demo, Jennifer explains how seafloor spreading works using two rolls of toilet paper. Students should have a better understanding of the relati.

Mid-ocean ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This book explains how the two American Tectonic Plates moved west ward on the Joshua's Long Day which causes to submerge Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean in one single day and night.


Seafloor Spreading and Subduction Read and Apply Activity

FREE Includes reading comprehension and application! Many students these days have a terribly difficult time comprehending nonfiction & informational text - textbooks, websites, articles etc.

paper and a tube to show mid ocean ridge and seafloor spreading

Seafloor Spreading Model

Seafloor Spreading Reading Comprehension... by Smith Science and Lit | Teachers Pay Teachers

Seafloor Spreading Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook

Seafloor spreading paper strip model in-class demo - YouTube

Students learn about seafloor spreading in class doing a paper strip model of divergent and convergent plate boundaries.