Lake Oswego Junior High School in Oregon purchased 1 lb Virgin EPS letters to hang in their entry display case. The schools theme that year was “Be” . Let Universal Foam Products custom cut your letters at an affordable price and bring your theme to life.

I had this idea floating around in my head about making an interactive bulliten board using pull tabs with sweet messages for my school and came across this which is a great option too! Totally doing this! Make this valentines day

Parental involvement board

Pin This board presents a quote that appreciates parent partnerships with the centre. Displaying this in a centre encourages parents to be involved in their child's education and develop a stronger relationship with educators as they know they are valued.

Attendance Hero: Editable School Wide Kit

Attendance Hero PacketBring justice to excessive absences and tardies by promoting school wide attendance improvement and timeliness. Kit includes fun and editable posters, individual letters to spell out "perfect attendance", themed spirit week, attenda

Discover thousands of images about The incredibles bulletin board : Could say Our Books are incredible or Our Library is Incredible :)

School Climate - Building Community

School Climate - Building Community: If you read forums for teachers, job satisfaction surveys, or listen to conversation in the teachers’ lounge you will often hear a common theme in the complaints of teachers. Teachers who are unhappy feel unappreciat

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