School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World (American Revolution) America Rock - YouTube

School House Rock Shot Heard Round the World. This is a music video talking about the event named "The shot heard round the world". The shot heard around the world is a key part in the american revolution.

I'm a Bill Only a Bill.   Loved School House Rock! That is how I learned the Preamble!!!

Schoolhouse Rock! - Election Collection

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Zauberbear: Paint Chip Poetry

Zauberbear: Paint Chip Poetry

School House Rocks Heart Circulation Video

Human Body: Learning About the Heart

School House Rock Contractions

I leaned more from these saturday morning cartoon features than I did in school. respect to the creators of school house rock. we need this type of programming now.

School House Rock - The Nervous System. C3W4

This video introduces the central nervous system, Peripheral nerves, and the autonomic system.