The 21 Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

🎃Best or any day prank ever. I'm going to use a clown face tho bc my daughter HATES clowns.

Omg I hate who came up with this prank lol! My brother shall not see this. He would so do this to scare the poo out of me.

Best Halloween prank

In a poorly lit room, this could be a catastrophically bad idea if the person being pranked has gastroenteritis as the resultant pebble dashing would go far beyond the mere skidmark in pants result that you envisioned would occur ‼️

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17 GIFs of Terrified Children for Your Adult Amusement

What do you know of the weeping angels? (gif) This is the funniest thing ever, that poor girl though!

Best use of a doll head.

Link25 (228) - Friday The 13th Edition

Gail told me that I had to so you get your facts straight.

Mascot hides in a claw machine GIF


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The world is such a scary place anymore.  It think this was intended to be funny but I don't find it funny I find it very very scary

A Story to Scare My Son < aka. how to traumatize your child. Plot twist it actually happened and the killer grew attached to the kid and keeps warning him about internet safety.