10 Things To Do in Santa Monica in 36 Hours

When your coastal California road trip stops in Santa Monica: 10 Things To Do In Santa Monica in 36 hours. I did a weekend trip to Santa Monica and here's my travel tips for making the most out of a sort SoCal adventure!

Santa Monica Pier My Great Grandma Marie owned a famous Fish Restaurant on the pier many years ago where countless movie stars would come to eat and visit with her. She was delightful!

The Locals' Guide To Santa Monica

The Locals' Guide To Santa Monica Santa Monica is jam-packed with things to do. Got your calendars ready? You're about to get real busy.

10 Things You Won’t Want To Miss In Santa Monica, California · Santa Monica is home to one of California's most famous piers and is definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Los Angeles. Discover the top 10 things to do in Santa Monica from r

In March, my old roommate from Santa Monica let me know that she would be in London for... Read More

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Observation Introduction Westbrook was born in Long Beach, CA, but later moved to Los Angeles. Growing up, he dreamed of playing basketball for the University of California Los Angeles. Westbrook spent most of his childhood and early life in LA.

Two Days in LA

Want to visit LA but short on time? LA in only two days, highlighting the top spots in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice.

Malibu’s Ten Best Secret Beaches

Are you looking for an unknown beach in Malibu to escape the crowds? Check out this post on the ten best secret Malibu beaches and how to get to each one.

Long Weekend in LA + Santa Monica (Trendy/Hip Spots)

A COMPLETE itinerary for LA and Santa Monica with lots of tips, inspiration, activities, and photos. So many things to do in LA!(Favorite Places Things To Do In)