New bookmark for my Sailor Moon bookmarks set ! All the Inner Senshi are done so here is the first sailor of the Outer Senshi : Sailor Pluto !

bare shoulders bishoujo senshi sailor moon blonde hair blue background blue eyes bow breasts cleavage crescent dakun double bun facial mark forehead mark hair ornament hairpin highres long hair looking at viewer moon petals pink bow princess serenity

Still for my Sailor Moon bookmarks set, here is Sailor Mercury. For a long time, she was my favorite character, probably because she was smart and a lon.

Here is Sailor Uranus for my Sailor Moon bookmarks set. I really like this character, she's a pretty girl (even if she's boyish), she's tough and has a strong personality. Outer Sailor S.

Eating sweets by moonlight, Sleeping in by daylight, Not leaving the house tonight, It is Comfy Sailor Moon!