Artwork done by Naoko Takeuchi for Sailormoon [sailor quartet, sailor saturn & sailor chibi moon]

Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Saturn and the Sailor Quartet a.a Asteroid Senshi: Sailor Ceres (pink), Sailor Pallas (blue), Sailor Juno (green), and Sailor Vesta (red).


Sailor Moon: Sailor Chibi Moon ~~~ My little sister will be the Chibi to my Usagi.

sailor moon & sailor chibi moon

Older Chibi-Usa and younger Chibi-Usa holding Luna P - Sailor Moon

rini, chibi usa, or mini moon...whatever you want to call her lol

スモールレディー Small Lady (ChibiUsa) by Nspring=Shabom - Sailor Moon fanart

Sailor Chibi Moon

absurdres adapted costume alternate hair length alternate hairstyle bishoujo senshi sailor moon chibi usa double bun earrings fingerless gloves gloves highres jewelry joseph lee long hair luna-p magical girl pink hair pink skirt pleated skirt red eye