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Advice for Freshmen

Ryan Gosling Hey - Hey Girl, You can pass the cpa exam. I believe in you, thank you Ryan I needed the support

Ryan Gosling hey girl meme. Repinned from Vital Outburst clothing

I usually don't like these "Hey Girl" memes, but hey~ who is going to argue with Ryan Gosling getting them a glass of wine?

Hey boy, you're free to browse my section any time.  :)

Hey Girl, Check Out Our Favorite Ryan Gosling Memes

Ryan Gosling Memes: Hey girl, I'm sure glad I brought my library card . because I'm checking you out.

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Ryan Gosling Memes: Taxis, Cuter Than Puppy, Ex-Boyfriend Gosling and More (PHOTOS)

Which Ryan Gosling Character Are You? from Buzzfeed | I am Noah, Well I want someone like him, so I guess that fits(:

Which Ryan Gosling Character Are You?

"Which Ryan Gosling Character Are You?" A flowchart to answer one of life’s hunkiest questions.

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