Brett Crowe, right, sits with friend Myron McCullough, down the street from the scene of the fatal shooting at a nightclub Monday, June 13, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. Crowe was supposed to go the club the night of the shooting but decided in the last minute he didn't want to drive. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

On Sunday morning, a lone gunman opened fire in an Orlando gay nightclub, killing 49 people and injuring 53 more.

54-Year-Old Woman Robbed By THUG, Shoots Him Dead… Here’s His Family’s ABSURD Response

How Else Was ‘He Gonna Get His Money?’: Relatives Outraged After Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglary Suspect

Hillary Clinton vs. the First Amendment at The Laugh Factory - She wants this video taken off YouTube and wants the names and phone numbers of the comedians who mentioned her in their acts. (11/2015)

the First Amendment at The Laugh Factory (Stand-up Comedy) - Hillary is trying to get this video censored.

Under Obama Orders, Feds Continue To Drop Illegal Aliens At Texas Bus Stops

Narro Reading of Obamas Red Carpet: Feds Dump 40 Migrants at Texas Bus Stop ICE agents released a group of 40 women who illegally entered the United States from Central American countries at a bus station in Laredo.

VIDEO: Beyond unbelievable! The total arrogance of the GOP and RNC on full display. THIS is why We the People are pissed off!

Senior GOP official Curly Haugland We choose the nominee, not the voters

The Government Is Weaning Us Off Cash • Corbett Report

The Global Conspiracy to Ban Cash: “Regulated, Restricted and Phased Out” Of Existence

If You Admit That You Are A Trump Supporter, It May Cost You Your Job

Many liberals that are still extremely bitter about the outcome of the election are taking out their frustrations on Trump supporters all over the country.

The Miami Dolphins 4x6 Area Rug by FanMats

4x6 Rug (46" x 72") - Miami Dolphins

Show your Miami Dolphin pride in your Fan Cave with the Dolphins NFL x Area Rug - FanMats 6588

Judge Napolitano Says Obama Admin. Is Breaking Federal Law Prohibiting Gov’t From Compiling Gun Owner ‘List’ | Video | 08/04/2016

Judge Nap Blasts Obama Admin for 'Reprehensible,' 'Lawless' Stockpiling of Gun Owner Info

$1,000 Gun Tax Pushed As ‘Role Model’ For States

DC – Gun Control - Watch Hillary Clinton Nod in Approval as Senator Calls Legal Gun Dealers "Purveyors of Violence" (VIDEO) - Gun Pro Plus

‘For the Record’: Barack Obama’s Anti-Gun History

‘For the Record’: Barack Obama’s Anti-Gun History

The progressives take constitutional rights from seniors without due process.

New devious gun control tactic.Senior citizens have been among the most adamant Second Amendment advocates in recent years, such as the late Otis McDonald (above).

A disturbance in the Force.

Post with 17 votes and 1251 views. Texas Junior High banned this kids Star Wars shirt.

California student forced to remove American flag shirt deemed ‘gang related’

California student forced to remove American flag shirt deemed 'gang related'