Uniforms of the Royal Navy, 1795-1812 by CdreJohnPaulJones.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Royal Navy Uniforms The uniforms are, from left to right: - Midshipman - Lieutenant - Commander - Captain, Under Three Years Seniority - Captain, Over Three Years Seniority - Rear Admiral - Vice Admiral - Admiral

Rare: The blue and cream Navy uniform worn by Trafalgar survivor William Hicks is said to be the only one of its kind in existence

On display after 200 years: Rare Royal Navy uniform worn by survivor of Battle of Trafalgar (found in a plastic bag in the attic)

Lieutenant's uniform, British, The smart uniform belonging to Lieutenant William Hicks, from around is an important find for military historians as it is believed no other lieutenant uniform of that era is left in existence.

Rear-admiral - Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1812 - National Maritime Museum made 1822

((An Officer's uniform)) Rear-admiral - Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1812 - National Maritime Museum made 1822

"Capt. Bligh" complete Royal Navy uniform from the 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty

Bligh” complete Royal Navy uniform from the 1935 "Mutiny on the Bounty" - Navy blue military coat w/ ivory accents brass buttons; wool long vest w/ brass buttons (no label); and ivory wool pantaloons w/ brass buttons

#British #Royal #Navy Uniform 1795 pattern by DeborahLoughCostumes, £1570.00

inspiration ~ The Scoundrel and I (Falcon Club British Royal Navy Uniform, 1795 pattern, Reproduction.

Royal Navy Uniforms 1787-1828 by SimonLMoore.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Before the British Royal Navy had no established uniforms for its officers and sailors. Those in command typically wore the clothing o.

Royal Navy Post Captain uniform coat and waistcoat - from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England -- this style  from 1795-1812

Regency uniform front - Full dress coat for a captain, over three years seniority. It belonged to Alexander Hood The coat is of blue wool and features a stand-up collard edged with gold lace, as are the button back lapels and front edge of the skirts.

Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1901 (but this one was made in 1936).

Admiral of the Fleet's full dress coat belonging to Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII and Duke of Windsor. Date made Naval uniform: pattern 1919 - National Maritime Museum

Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1795-1812 - National Maritime Museum

Lord Nelson’s reputation as one of the greatest naval minds of the Napoleonic Era is not a modern invention. He was considered a hero during his lifetime, long before Trafalgar, to the extent…