Summer Glau as River Tam

Summer Glau as River Tam Best scene in the movie, worst was when Wash was killed.

River Tam, Firefly/Serenity

womenwithswords: “ Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity. I actually saw Serenity first. I kept expecting her to kick more ass during Firefly.

River Tam, the most BA girl you can ever get

Serenity - River Tam --- Because. Can't have too much River!

Ah, their sibling relationship is so beautiful. Simon would do anything for River.

Simon and River have the most amazing sibling relationship ever. Completely and fully dependent on one another.

Firefly - River Tam in "Serenity" (thought it was "Ariel," but I guess not)

Summer Glau, River Tam, Serenity - Felicity Jones in 'Rogue One' and more of our favorite female sci-fi stars

River Tam - from Serenity the movie

River Tam, Serenity final scene, safe at last, that nightmare is resolved Love.

I can do it without my brain XD

When he was appropriately freaked out by murder threats. 23 Times Jayne Cobb Set The Perfect Example In Life. Never change Jayne