Quality kinda sucks cuz it is the first frame from a video I took of them swimming around . Watch the video: North American River Otters at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Lunch Time by Ernane Junior. In the rivers of the Pantanal giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) are the queens of the waters. I found that eating a fish she does not care about our approach because their food was more interesting.


North American River Otter, so fun to watch as they roll and play in the water. People often think they are sea otters because around here they live in the ocean.

Otters or Otter is the name for a carnivorous mammal in the subfamily Lutrinae. There's 13 different otter species and this post has cute pictures of otters

Even though River Otters are not listed as Endangered species, their range has been greatly reduced over the years by habitat destruction and they are vulnerable to pollution and toxins in the environment. Basically these animals are endangered too!

30 Happiest Facts Ever

River otters, Hutchinson Zoo, River otters are one of my favorite animals.and related to my ferret Missy:)

North American River Otters

Three very cute dwarf otters waiting to be fed with little pieces of meat. Notice that the one in the middle one is sticking the tongue. Yes, I'm a tongue photographer!) Picture taken in the Rheintal zoo.

Dear God, please bring me a fish! Otter looks to the heavens and 'prays for food'