Slideshow - JWoWW gets an RIP tattoo in honor of her grandmother  #tattoos #jerseyshore #celebrities

15 Best Rip Tattoo Designs

Probably wouldn't put this on my foot but would like to see it incorporated with the coordinates of where my little sister is buried.

Boomerang Black Temporary Tattoos collection with two birds going separate ways and a quote that says we only part to meet again in black color.

I love my tattoo so much, Here's to you Heather & Ryan <3 RIP #tattoos #tattoo

Rip tattoos are generally made in memory of some loved one or some great celebrity who you held close to your heart. Here are 15 best rip tattoo designs to help give you an idea what it should look like.

Wrist tattoo, Angel tattoo, wings tattoo, RIP tattoo, women's tattoo,

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