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Best scene in the movie "Shall We Dance." Richard Gere coming up the escalator in a black tuxedo holding a red rose. My husband looks very handsome in a black tuxedo

RICHARD GERE-At 63, the 1999 Sexiest Man Alive still has the ability to make women swoon – even when he's playing a morally compromised financier in this fall's Arbitrage. His longtime leading lady Diane Lane, who's costarred in three movies with the actor, sums it up best, telling PEOPLE, "I always felt so exposed around Richard. Then I realized that Richard has that effect on every woman!"

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Richard Gere (Richard Tiffany Gere) (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) on August

Pretty Woman - Richard Gere Because of Savannah by Sarah Patt or

Pretty Woman

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Richard Gere.... Always Richard Gere. In fact I think I'll watch Hachi, Officer & a Gentleman, Last Dance and Runaway Bride this weekend

Richard Gere - Favorite All Time - loved him in Pretty Woman - best of all

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Richard Gere - He was my "man crush" when I was a little girl! After I watched Pretty Woman, I dreamed that he would come whisk me away & take me shopping for clothes & lingerie!

Richard Gere - Richard Gere Photo (11241785) - Fanpop

Richard Gere - Richard Gere Photo (11241785) - Fanpop

Categories for Richard Gere: 1. Looks good with or without a beard. 2. INTJ archetype 3. The years are very, very good to him.

Richard Gere -- one of those rare men who look great both with and without a beard!