How to Quickly & Easily Spruce Up Wood Furniture

How to Quickly & Easily Spruce Up Wood Furniture

I'm the kind of DIY-er who imagines elaborate and wonderful furniture re-finishing ideas and is consistently too busy, lazy, or pre-occupied to execute them

How to Refinish Furniture Without Stripping

How to Refinish Furniture

Wipe on mineral spirits. Clean with ivory dish soap. Use gel stain. No need to strip the wood. ~ Learn how to refinish furniture faster and easier by avoiding stripping. A seasoned pro tells you how to clean, repair and restore old wood furniture.

how to strip furniture...

Very good instructions on how to restore old furniture.- pin now read later. Pinned this for Hubby. We have some awesome solid wood furniture that was given to us time to fix I wanna redo mjs dresser - Wood Crafting

Handy Guide: How to Restore Furniture | How To Repurposed Furniture, check it out at

How to Restore Furniture

Want to learn how to restore furniture? Check out this handy infographic, which provides useful tips and tricks concerning DIY furniture restoration.

Gel stain allows you to make any painted surface (wood, laminate, metal) look like dark stained wood as long as you know the right process. I love to restore furniture and give it a new life. These end tables had water damage and a horrible orange stain

People often ask me where I get my furniture pieces from, so I thought I’d share some tips for finding great pieces and what to look for. 1. Where to LOOK? There are some great places to look for old...

7 Tips for Selecting Quality Restorable Furniture

How to Refinish Furniture | The Family Handyman

How to Refinish Furniture

A thorough cleaning is an important first step in any furniture renewal project. Removing decades of dirt and grime often restores much of the original luster. Kevin says it’s hard to believe, but it’s perfectly OK to wash furniture with soap and water.

Don't Throw Away Your Old Furniture - 29 Upcycled Furniture Projects You'll Love!

Don't Throw Away Your Old Furniture - 29 Upcycled Furniture Projects You'll Love!

Tips for Restoring Furniture from - mayonnaise?!

Tips for Restoring Furniture

TIPS FOR RESTORING FURNITURE Even furniture with water marks, vacuum-cleaner nicks, scratches or damaged veneer can look like new without too much trouble.

Apply colored wax to cracks to restore furniture ....NOT in joints, use wood epoxy for joints.

How to Refinish Furniture

FILLING CRACKS------->If you find nail holes or tiny cracks after applying the final finish, fill them with colored wax fill sticks, wax repair sticks or fill pencils, found at home centers and paint stores.