Le précurseur de nos monospaces... / La Renault 4L.

The bestselling French car with sales in excess of eight million units in more than 100 countries, the Renault 4 has become a motoring icone.

Renault 4, 1956. A car to match the classless utility of blue jeans. < I had one once, along time ago!

Renault 4 at 50

Renault 4L

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La renault 4 voiture mythique et les saines chéries

LOVE this wee car.La renault 4 voiture mythique et les saines chéries

Renault 4 Safari

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Renault 4

Driving it was challenging. It was in such a bad shape, that doors would sometimes open by themselves when I turned. As Olmedo used to say: "eramos tan pobres!

Renault4L 1962

Renault 4 L photos, picture # size: Renault 4 L photos - one of the models of cars manufactured by Renault