Great Gift Idea - Scrapbook Style Cookbook - Put your most used/favorite recipes in a scrapbook cookbook and give to a Bride as a shower gift. Or, put together family recipes for your children.

Free Printable Calendar 2015 It's New Year and we have another great design and template of our calendar for this 2015 and in this Free Pr.

Recipe scrapbook -- preserving handwritten recipes (from lovetoknow scrapbooking). I need to do this with some of my mom's old recipes!

Recipe Binder ~ We have a huge stack of printed pages from internet sites sitting beside the cookbooks. Our family recipes are hand written in to a book I have for recipes but it has seen better days and the page protectors would be a blessing.

An example of a recipe scrapbook. I'm going to scrap my mom's hand printed christmas cookie recipes and include pictures of the finished product as shown here. save the originals in the book to be passed down.