if you’re looking for an easy and delicious cookie recipe for the holidays (specially valentine), you’ve found it, can be served with a hot cup of coffee, or be the perfect dessert for a romantic valentine day. It takes no time and you only need 4 ingredients to make it, also you’ll have a lot …

10 Easy Recipe Shortcuts That Taste Like The Real Deal

Billionaire Boyfriend..LadyLuxury

A Real man to me is an alpha male who is R.E.L. Raw Empathetic Accepting Loving my man you are a REAL man, I thank you for showing me what was possible.

girl gamer problems- why I usually hate playing games that has female characters with bigger boobs than i do and you cant change their chest size .

Are you kidding me? There are some games that actually have more balanced female characters but they are few and far between. Skyrim is one I like, it has realistic female armor and some of stuff is actually skimpier on the male characters.

Hardy in a hot tub. @Gina Gab Solórzano Gab Solórzano Mazzei

I love Greg Williams. Because this dude thought it would be a good idea to stick Tom Hardy shirtless in a hot tub and photograph it!

Cathy Schmidt

Cathy Schmidt

Trumps choice for Ambassador to the Pope...wife of Newt Gingrich...should be hair of the dog!

Trumps choice for Ambassador to the Pope.wife of Newt Gingrich.should be hair of the dog!

exism, a term coined in the mid-20th century, is the belief or attitude that one sex is inherently superior to, more competent than, or more valuable than the other.

Best Old Sexism Ads

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