There are quite a few different operating systems that you're able to install for the Raspberry Pi.

If you’re looking for tutorials on installing Raspberry Pi operating systems then we have an ever-growing range of tutorials that show exactly that.

47 Raspberry Pi Projects to inspire you. #raspberrypi #geek #make

47 Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build at Home

Need a raspberry pi project to make at home? Check out these 47 raspberry pi projects that were entered into the Make: Raspberry Pie Design Contest.

A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Lego simple, Raspberry Pi powerful, and hugely fun. $149, free shipping, available now.

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Windows 10 Will Run on the Raspberry Pi 2 - and the OS Is Free for IoT Developers

The big news of the morning comes way of the Raspberry Pi foundation, which has announced its latest generation microcomputer. Starting today, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B will be available for purch…

Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen

Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen

Prota OS for Raspberry Pi(Prota Pi)

Prota OS for Raspberry Pi(Prota Pi)

This post is about using Prota (Prota Agatha in particular) on Raspberry Pi and the basics of its automation engine - Stories.What is Prota?

You’ve probably seen our compilation of awesome things you can build and use powered by a Raspberry Pi. Even if you may not be a fan (in which case here are alternatives), you can’t ignore the possibilities that this small yet resourceful single-circuit board can do. But if

11 Raspberry Pi OS for Everyday Computing – Best of

Pinebox Portable Computer: a Raspberry Pi in a very fancy case. Another excellent way of turning a Pi into a laptop.

If you are watching this tutorial, then you must know about Raspberry Pi and its use. So without making more delay let's start this Instructable. But before that, I want to clarify something: 1. I have used Raspbian OS in this case. 2. It is one of the many ways by which you can get the same result. So if you don't feel comfortable you can use other methods also. Please let me know the process in which you are comfortable in. 3. The apps I have used is available in app Center and found…

How to Use IOS Devices As a Monitor of Raspberry Pi

How to Use IOS Devices As a Monitor of Raspberry Pi: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

By default, the Raspberry Pi is unable to run x86 apps but you can install a software package called exagear. This acts as a guest OS (an operating system within an operating system) and within this you can install and use x86 applications.  #geekin #geek #pi

Getting apps working on the Raspberry Pi requires an extra bit of software. One of the better solutions is to use an emulator such as Exagear.

This is a quick tutoial on installing chromium OS on raspberry pi. This process can be done on Raspberry pi 3, raspberry pi 2, and raspberry pi zero. thanks ...

This is a quick tutoial on installing chromium OS on raspberry pi. This process can be done on Raspberry pi raspberry pi and raspberry pi zero.

Raspberry Pi projects that are perfect for any beginner. Especially good if you're not comfortable with programing and Linux commands.

These Raspberry Pi projects for beginners have been designed to be as easy as possible with little to no Linux knowledge or programming required.