Ramona Quimby, Age 8, by Beverly Cleary | 38 Perfect Books To Read Aloud With Kids

38 Perfect Books To Read Aloud With Kids

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 , by Beverly Cleary I loved reading all of the Ramona books to my graders and can't wait to share them with my granddaughter, Lilah, when she gets old enough!

ramona quimby original illustrations

Ramona Quimby: The Mischievous Girl Next Door

ramona q. ( my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Powel read this in class) 1 of my favorite childhood memories <3

My Little Loves: Ramona Quimby

Hi, I'm Romana Quimby! I am not a pest! Tell Daisy, Howie, and Yard Ape I said Hi!

Ramona Quimby. My favorite books as a child. YES i went and saw this movie as soon as it was in theatres :)

and the movie brings back good memories of all-girl church sleepovers.

Celebrate the birth of one of the biggest names in children's literature with a little Book Fetish.

Celebrate Beverly Cleary’s Birthday in Sweet Style

Poster of this? i can make it, if need be

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Ramona Quimby in all her glory, with the doll, Chevrolet.  Her books are the bomb!

The older Ramona illustrations were always my favorite, even as a kid.

I remember my third grade teacher reading to us every day after lunch. This was one of my favorites that she read us.

I loved all the Beverly Cleary books! I had a hard time with reading and Beverly helped me enjoy books! She was my favorite author in grade school.

Beverly Cleary books....starting with the Ramona series

Oh, Dear, It's A 'Ramona' Movie

Ramona Quimby is the definitive Beverly Cleary heroine and this was my favorite book in the series.

My favorite book in my absolute favorite children's series.

I read all of Beverly Cleary's books, but Ramona Forever is my favorite of all time. I still re-read it every so often.

part of the ramona series by beverly cleary. i read these books a hundred+ times when i was a kid.

The ramona series by Beverly Cleary. Her characterization of both the girls felt so real to me as a child. I picked up a book in a waiting room a year ago and was stunned to find how real the characterization of the parents were, as well.