Ram Dass

Ram Dass ~~~This has been my experience. I have faith in myself that I am somehow healing through and despite this loss.--my former beliefs led me to darkness. I prayed for naught, as though prayer was a cosmic joke.

I love this SO much. - Ram Dass Quotes On Healing Healing the in... ram dass

I love this because I absolutely adore looking at trees and I never thought to relate others to them in this way before 😌 Turning people into tree's- Ram Dass

This is why I don't ask others to change but for help changing myself.

However thick a bamboo grove is, a stream is free to flow through it. However high a mountain is, a white cloud is free to drift over it.

Be Here Now. Ram Dass :)

Ram Tirtha: “I am without form, without limit, beyond space, beyond time. I am in Everything. Everything is me. I am the bliss of the Universe.