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Street photography people, street photography portraits, New York photography, Manhattan photography, street portraits.

Morning rain is so moody! Rain photography ideas. Rain photography window.

Lily likes window seats. Bucky's just caught her trying to see if her legs are long enough to reach the top. Spoiler alert, they're not

Rain Photography may be tricky, but it sure is worth the frizzy hair and soggy shoes. Here are 10 examples of rain photography.

10 Examples of Remarkable Rain Photography

Cool picture

I have been in love with rainy days, since I was a little girl. I always said that when I grew up I would name one of my children "Rain", if I ever had any. My daughter, Caitlyn's middle name is Rain.



I really like the way the hand is the focus of the picture and the rain drips onto it. I like the way the drops are more focused under the hand. I think this would be a really nice composition to create in my documentary

The rain poured down with an eerie look of crimson. It was then that I realized that the clouds weren't crying, but bleeding. Literally, the rain wasn't rain... It was blood. -Kyah Troyer

-Texture - A photo where the detail on a surface of something is put into focus and shown. - The texture of this photo to me makes it seem old. Like the brick is old and wearing away.