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34 Rachel Green Fashion Moments You Forgot You Were Obsessed With on Friends

Rachel Green had 90s fashion on point.

Rachel Green had fashion on point. I remember this outfit so clearly with the high socks, plaid skirt, and turtleneck. I do not see the high socks yet today but the plaid skirt and turtleneck are seen and still just as fashionable.

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Before Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel Green was everyone's favourite New York girl and turns out, her style is very relevant today!

Rachel Green With Envy

Rachel Green: A Style Icon

When the friends first met Rachel Green, she was young, naive and spoiled. That fateful day, she had just narrowly escaped from marrying Barry Farber. Rachel’s explanation for why she […]

This look may be over 10 years, but Rachel Green's (Jennifer Aniston - Friends) look is perfect for those lazy days!

Looking back at Rachel Green’s outfits from ‘Friends’ (22 photos)

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