Réplica de aves para torta

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Bird Monster With Castle Body By Bosch Sculpture
DIY birdseed hearts cool garden gift! Pinterest By Ivanna Jamy
Preserve your Beautiful Wedding Day with a Wedding Cake Replica Ornament! Contact me with a photo of your wedding cake for a Free Quote and I'll replicate your wedding cake as an ornament or figurine! Please see my website jessierayesminiatures.com for contact information or to see more examples of my work!
Bird cake so pretty :) and FYI not necessarily a wedding cake just sayin
Nukacola  variety Template by ZoraZer0.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Porcelain Love Birds Cake Toppers Size: 5.5"L x 4.25"H Weight: 8.8 oz Snow white doves are a symbol of purity and hope. Their beauty brings to mind a spirit of celebratory love which is a timeless and cherished archetype. Here we see a design featuring two of these lovely creatures, separate entities, and yet made specifically to join, the crooking necks reaching out to nuzzle one another in a tender embrace. The beauty of these porcelain love bird cake toppers is such that they can be used…
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Wedding Trends: Vintage/Shabby Chic Cake Toppers

Since we will be in a classic 1955 T-Bird, we will have this 1:32 replica. The problem is the size. Traditional wedding figurines are about 4" tall! I am working on ideas to "make" the wedding couple to fit in the car for the wedding sheet cake.
3D Printed Wedding Cake Topper by MY3D Agency.   This beautiful wedding cake topper was 3D scanned and then printed. Completely personalized and a miniature replica of the couple!
Wedding cake - exact replica of bride & grooms own house complete with various edible birds, flowers and tree
Custom Made to Order Wedding Cake Topper. $120.00, via Etsy. OMG!

Custom Made to Order Wedding Cake Topper

The long, large beak is the pelican's most striking feature. When hunting fish, they use it like a large soup spoon. They scoop up a large amount of water together with the fish, and then press the water out again. This leaves just the fish behind. The Great White Pelican has a distinctive pink ring around the eyes and pink-coloured legs. The Australian pelican has the longest beak at 49 centimetres. The Dalmatian pelican is the largest. Despite its weight of 12 kilograms, it is very…