Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back. Integrity quotes on

The men and women associated with KDK Realty have integrity. We are all about building people up, not tearing them down. It is our practice to never speak negatively about other agents or companies.

A life filled with silly social drama and gossip indicates that a person is disconnected from purpose and lacking meaningful goals. People on a path of purpose don’t have time for drama.

By extension, people who think that others are like them creating drama & gossip are no better. Also low life or no life.

So go on and tell your friends and family whatever you want about me, because you will never be better than me.

That moment you feel so hurt by someone gossiping and spreading lies about you and your family that it makes you realize you've probably hurt so many people yourself. No more gossip! Be the woman God wants you to be!

Gossip comes out of the mouths of those with nothing else to say. End it with you and don't pass it on.

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Gossip comes out of the mouths of those with nothing else to say. End it with you and don't pass it on. This could save a lot of friendships

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Hahahaha aye! If you wanna make lies about someone who isn't around to prove they're lies. Good on you, tell who you want that I've slept with him.. I'll just agree with you for the fun of it retard.

Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted...

Gossip is shared by the Wicked, But Rumours are Carried by Haters, Spread by Fools, and Accepted by Idiots… Well said… Remember God is always watching you.

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And I will forever stand by this. Don't be talking about me to everyone else and don't have nothing to say to my face.

Life Quotes, Life Sayings, Life Quote Graphics {This is such a true phrase EVERYONE! ~Especially teens; take a look here.... There are many people who will talk about you behind your back; so you want to try to remember how that feels before you talk about another behind their back.}

SO true. but if you don't want people to gossip about you. don't give people anything to gossip about.

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Birds peck at the best fruit. keep this in mind when you are being gossiped about. not to mention.gossiping about people is just as wrong as what you are accusing that person of!

-Demi Lovato. I wish people would learn this. Say what you want but don't say it to the wrong people. Feel what you feel but what you think is true may not be true and spreading rumors makes you look stupid and if people believe those rumors you could ultimately ruins someone's life, no matter how harmless you think your words may be. NIbarra

I don't spread gossip or rumors. I will not tolerate jealous liars. Stop lying about us, and I'll stop telling the truth about you.

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Try not to take things personally. What people say about you is a reflection of…