These interactive pages cover the Revolutionary War. There are specific interactive pages along with generic templates for any person, event or battle you may be studying with the Revolutionary War.   The emphasis of the interactive pages are the causes, events, people, and results of the American Revolution. $

Interactive Notebook / Journal - REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)

American Revolution Loyalist vs. Patriot Debate

American Revolution Loyalist vs. Patriot Debate

Maybe when I get back into 5th grade...good alternative to some of the writing projects
Interactive Notebook Resources ready to use in the middle school history/social studies middle classroom. There are so many benefits to using the interactive notebook at the middle school level. Comprehension and retention are increased, students learn key concepts in multiple ways, and creativity and higher-level thinking are incorporated on a daily basis.

Interactive Notebook Resources: Ready to Use in the Social Studies Classroom

Students will love learning all about the American Revolutionary War with this creative and interactive resource that highlights causes, main events, important people, and results of the Revolutionary War all in one!

American Revolutionary War w/Articles, Activities, Organizers & More! (90 pages)

Paperback – February 1, 2000 by Julie Danneberg (Author), Judy Love (Illustrator) Everyone knows that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach just before diving into a new situation. Sarah Jane Hart

First Day Jitters (Mrs. Hartwells classroom adventures)

This large American Revolutionary War BUNDLE includes my American Revolutionary War UNIT  and INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK.  The unit includes handouts, worksheets, activities, vocabulary cards, reference pages, coloring pages, assessment, images of the revolution, and much more! The INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK  has templates that compliment the unit. Using both the unit and the interactive notebook pages allows your students to have the complete experience of learning about this period of history!

Revolutionary War Unit and Interactive Notebook BUNDLE

This interactive notebook covers the Civil War, including the causes of the war, the war, and Reconstruction. There are so many Civil War interactive pages you have choices of using some or all of the material. $

Interactive Notebook / Journal - THE CIVIL WAR - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)

This extensive unit is 3 units combined! Causes Leading up to War, People in the War, Events and Battles. There are detailed lesson plans that take you through 8 weeks of teaching the Revolutionary War. Having it bundled together, you save, save, save! There is no need for a textbook. With all the informational text, teaching posters, variety of activities/skills, assessments, etc, it is all you need!

Revolutionary War American Revolution Mega Bundle

This Social Studies Interactive Notebook Bundle 1 covers Native Americans…

Interactive Notebook Social Studies - Bundle 1 {Grades 3-5}

SOLutions: Who paid for the French & Indian War?
A Picture Book of Sacagawea (Picture Book Biographies) (Picture Book Biography) Paperback – April 1, 2001 by David A. Adler (Author), Dan Brown (Illustrator) She joined the Lewis and Clark Expedition

A Picture Book of Sacagawea Paperback

How Each Of The 50 US States Got Their Names
Interactive Journal / Notebook NATIVE AMERICANS - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)

Interactive Journal / Notebook NATIVE AMERICANS - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)