I wouldn’t call myself a super lazy person. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have days where I do nothing, and my procrastination habit is bad, but I generally like to be doing things. But I’ll freely admit this: one thing I’m really incredibly lazy about is cleaning, especially cleaning my room. I am not a neat person. I know where my things are, but I am not organized in a traditional way. I can go months – literally months – without cleaning my room.

18 Easy Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Clean Even Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

This DIY hook rack using cabinet knobs is perfect for adding to your entryway, mudroom, or even laundry room! Not only does it help keep everything organized, but when finished with BEHR paint in Serene Journey, it’s stylish too.

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When my closet finally gets fancy instead of makeshift I'll buy these handbag hangers

Are your purses at the very top or very bottom of your closet, or stashed away in bins? Does finding that one specific clutch for your special occasion involve lots and lots of digging? - Hang and dis

Purse Stax™ Purse Hanger - Purse and Handbag Vertical Organizer

DIY Hanging Purse Organizer - I was looking for a quick and easy way to store my purses so I could free up some shelf space in my closet, and looking at a lengt…

DIY Hanging Purse Organizer

DIY Hanging Purse Organizer all you need is a length of chain and some s-hooks. You simply arrange the s-hooks along the chain to accommodate your purses and to hang it, I used a carabiner.

Definitely need to do this with our old door knobs.

Architectural Salvage Coat Rack, Rustic Coat Rack, Antique Glass Door Knob Coat Rack, Up-Cycled Coat Rack, Re-purposed Coat Rack

A quite literal doorknob and key hook so you never get locked out again.

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Doorman - Key holder and hook (makes me think of the doorknob in Alice in Wonderland)

10 Cheap ways to make your apartment look chic and nice! You do not have to spend a lot to make your apartment feel more like home! Follow these easy and simple DIY and decorating tips to create a home you are proud to show off to guests!

10 Smart & Cheap Ways To Make Your Apartment Look Nice

Purse Hanger  Bag Hook  Purse Hook  Duck Purse Hanger  by YoungLad

Purse Hanger Bag Hook Purse Hook Duck Purse Hanger by YoungLad

Handbag Holder from Handbag Handcuff Finally! A simple gadget to keep my purse from dumping out all over the floor!

Handbag Holder from Handbag Handcuff

Handbag Handcuff - Handbag Problem-Solver 2 carabiners connected to a travel pouch secure your bag handle anywhere you want, such as the headrest post of your car, shopping cart, chain link fence or stroller handle.