Love this for my bedroom, a bathroom, guest room, girl's room...

Palette of cold floral shades of blue and purple, translucent and saturated: hydrangea, lilac, fuchsia to suggest aromatherapy with natural essential oils.

Sparkles!.. Shut up!! Would love to do in a lil girls' room !!!

Maybe a little less but Sparkles! Margaux and Luci need on their fans. Shut up! Would love to do in a lil girls' room ! Forget little girls room my room lol

Light switch cover made from small picture frame

20 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Light Switches

Light switch cover for my little girl's room. Took a small frame, cut the switch cover to fit inside the frame, painted the switch and cover a light purple, and then glued the cover to the inside of the frame.

girls room decor butterflies flowers | little girls bedroom ideas: little girls bedroom ideas Butterfly ...

Butterfly Wall Stickers Purple Lilac & White

I would have loved a loft reading nook when I was a kid... I'd like one still!

Girls’ Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Interior design - People interact and react to different colors in different ways as certain colors can give a certain and strong impression depending on their psychological