an elegant puja room with marble floor and hanging bells and idols

Puja Rooms of our homes hold a special place in every household.

Puja Room

Pooja Room Decoration Ideas Pooja Have a nice day at a luxurious place of your own. Find luxurious homes in Balewadi

Puja Room Designs -  Architect Rajesh Patel

Pooja Room Design by Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt., Architect in Mumbai, Maharashtra. room pop roof design

It is in the Pooja room that all of us pray, meditate and feel connected to God. It’s the sacred centre of the room.

Design of Pooja Room within a House

Design of Pooja Room within a House

Get ideas and tips on how to make beautiful design of pooja room within a house. These pooja rooms can be created in living room, hall, bedroom or kitchen.

The broad wooden platform/table adorned with all the necessary ingredient or Diwali Puja. The metallic accents in the form of an urn, Puja Thali, Bowls, Diya Plate, Candle holders and much more placed om a huge Paan-Patta are softened by the Flower decoration on white drapery.

Originally meant to be a pooja setup - but works as a nice permanent pooja room as well!